Storage usage in vCloud Director

These objects consume storage from your DDC: Templates and files in the organizations catalog, Snapshots of VMs and vApps and VMs.

Storage usage monitor vcd

1) To get a quick overview of CPU, memory and storage usage go to Administration and under Virtual Datacenter click the Button Monitor.

Storage usage monitor vcd2

2) For a detailed view right click on the corresponding DDC and select Properties.

vdc properties

3) In this Section you can check the CPU and Memory usage.

4) In this section you can check the usage of the storage pools in your DDC.

Every running vCPU needs at least 3CU (300MHz). The CPU usage shows the percentage of powered on vCPUs relating to the maximum no. of vCPUs that could be powered on with the allocated amount of CU

Understanding the values of CPU and Storage usage

For calculating the bill-effective amount of used storage, the following objects have to be taken into account:

  • Files/templates in private catalog
  • VM overhead
  • Manual snapshots need as much additional storage as their disks are in size
  • etc.

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